In poker, a term "nuts" means the best hand in a given situation.
After 15 minutes of a continuous game, there is a deck of cards change in a casino.
In most Indian states the playing cards are round.
In Europe, playing cards came in 1300, and for the first time they were invented in China in 1120 AD.
Phil Hellmuth
If luck weren't involved, I'd win every time.
David Sklansky
When we play, we must realize, before anything else that we are out to make money.
Daniel Negreanu
I have no boss to tell me what to do. I play whenever I want. That’s the freedom I didn’t have before.
Craps is a popular casino dice game.
The world's largest casino is located in the US state of Connecticut. The casino is called "Foxwoods Resort".
Black Jack originated in France, approximately at the end of the XVII century, from the French game "chemin de fer".
In 1988, Ronald Reagan signed the act on the regulation of Indian gambling business, which exempted the Indians and Aborigines from property taxes.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
Make money where money is!
Sheldon Gary Adelson
I felt rich having stopped worrying about the balance of my checkbook.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
The wealth really changed my life only once when I got an opportunity to do charity.
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