Poker is the most popular card game in the world.
A hand with cards J7 was named "Jack Daniels" after whiskey with the same name.
The card combination 88 is called Snowmen.
Initially, there was only one betting round in poker.
Doyle Brunson
Through it all, I’ve learned that, in life, a man is not beaten even though he’s all-in. You can’t count him out until the fall of the last card.
Chris Ferguson
One poker day is 90% luck and 10 % skill. One poker year is 10% luck and 90 % skill.
Phil Ivey
Actually, everything except cards is important in poker.
In all real casinos, the roulette wheels weigh about 60 pounds. The croupier only pushes the wheel, and its further rotation is carried out with the help of a special mechanism.
Craps is a popular casino dice game.
In order to make the numbers to drop out randomly on the dice, the Las Vegas casino dice are made with the size of no more than five-thousandth of a millimeter.
Gambling houses floors are carpeted with very bright colours and psychedelic patterns. All these keep the players up and work towards a long game.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
Make money where money is!
Sheldon Gary Adelson
I felt rich having stopped worrying about the balance of my checkbook.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
The wealth really changed my life only once when I got an opportunity to do charity.
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