The Roman emperor Nero did not allow bothering him during the game, even during the fire in Rome.
Craps is a popular casino dice game.
In the XVIII century, in all gaming establishments of England, there were the people, whose duties were to eat dice during the police roust.
The weight of an authentic poker chip is 10 grams, sometimes more or less. While a lot of commercial manufacturers of home games make them heavier, the casino chips rarely weigh more than 11 grams.
Nevada has about $9 billion of gambling revenue per year.
Every Las Vegas visitor spends on gambling $485 per trip.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
I felt rich having stopped worrying about the balance of my checkbook.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
Make money where money is!
Kirk Kerkorian
I don’t get involved in any of those things. I leave it all up to the management.
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