Fences are not a barrier for the ritual in a casino

Fences are not a barrier for the ritual in a casino

Despite the rapid development of information technology and other areas of cognition venturesome casino players remain superstitious. Some superstitions seem ridiculous, others really absurd, but visitors of gambling institutions still try to follow them practically always. Monte Carlo is a leader of casino superstitions. There are a lot of gambling houses and each of them has not only an interesting story but also a number of beliefs and legends.

The casino in De Pari hotel is very remarkable in this respect. Different eminent players often visit this well-known establishment. The figure of the imposing French king Louis XIV is located at the entrance of the hotel. Few decades ago casino players noticed that they were certainly lucky having accidentally rubbed the horse’s knee with their hand. Later it turned out that such omen worked not always. However, gamblers made use of it.

Each visitor of De Pari tried his best to rub the horse’s knee. Neither high fences nor strict police officers didn’t manage to defense the monument from crowds of pilgrims desiring to win. On the contrary, the more complicated barrier was, the more number of people tried to overcome it.

Tired of regular fight officials and representatives of the casino administration decided to stop their futile resistance. They simply agreed to repair the monument as soon as it needed reconstruction. Nowadays each player can touch the knee bringing good luck and abradable surface of the monument is regularly replaced.

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