Monaco army exists nowadays due to gamblings

Monaco army exists nowadays due to gamblings

Monaco is considered to be one of the smallest states in the world. However, such tiny size didn’t prevent the government from forming armed forces because of a real necessity. The army in Monaco became essential when that microstate started turning into a gambling capital.

There is no secret that Blank brothers who became the first owners of a casino made a great contribution to the development of Monaco gamblings. Once they noticed that gambling popularity was increasing exponentially. It meant that more and more people started visiting the country. Except of ordinary players rich and famous people, governors and representatives of aristocracy became quests of the casino very often. Then Blank brothers decided it was necessary to secure gambling institutions from easy riders and swindlers.

The formation of own army became the easiest way to protect the country. Formally it submitted to the prince of Monaco but in fact its main aim was to defend casinos. Except of the first in the world «face control» Monaco soldiers kicked out of the casino those who had lost all the money and couldn’t continue playing.

Lots of money was spent to organize effective army. Only the best representatives of the country and French army served in the regiments. It is interesting that Monaco army consisting of 82 soldiers has been existing up to the present day and is considered to be the smallest in the world.

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