How did «zero» appear on the roulette field?

How did «zero» appear on the roulette field?

If we sum up all the assumptions concerning the time of roulette emergence it will be possible to say that this game appeared in the middle of the 17th century. In Paris the roulette became extremely popular in 1795 when that game appeared to be available in all gambling houses of the French capital.

In fifty years determined Blank brothers decided it would be possible to modernize the roulette in a way that it could significantly decrease the amount of regular visitors’ winnings. Then a green «0» pocket was added to the field of red and black ones. The rules did not allow betting on «zero» therefore the number of victories decreased a bit. So due to the «zero» profits of gambling houses increased and their organization became interesting to many Europeans.

Americans who have always been not indifferent to gamblings became even more nimble in this regard. They decided to make the game maximally profitable for casino owners and created a special «00»pocket. The double zero also couldn’t be used for betting.

Nowadays the rules for bets on «0» and «00» differ a bit. Some casinos prohibit betting on these pockets while others allow making bets only on a combination of five numbers – 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3. These roulette rules are considered to be varying and should be specified directly in the casino administration.

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