Russian sailors were remembered by Monte-Carlo casino for long

Russian sailors were remembered by Monte-Carlo casino for long

You don’t need to follow a special dress code to come to a Monte-Carlo casino. For this purpose a tuxedo, jeans, or any other clothes can be chosen. But one unusual ban has been existing there throughout several centuries - it is not allowed to appear in the Monte-Carlo casino wearing police, military or other uniforms. A very interesting story which is closely connected with this ban goes back to the previous centuries.

The large sum of money was lost once in a casino by a modest man who wasn't known by the habitues of the establishment. In the morning the sailors appeared in a hall and started demanding to return all the lost money to their captain of a military frigate, who was that inconspicuous man. The owner of an institution politely refused such a request of seamen, so they left.

In an hour that frigate settled in the middle of a harbor and hit a volley of its gun right to the mountains that hung over a casino. As a result of that action nobody suffered but all local citizens were greatly frightened. When the frigate moored to the coast the sailors visited that casino one more time. The owners of the gambling house wanted to give back all proceeds but seamen took only money that belonged to their captain – they didn’t need more extra cash.

It is interesting to note that Russian Navy Ensign was fluttering above the frigate and it meant those persistent casino visitors were Russian sailors.

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