A trivial robbery in Las Vegas

A trivial robbery in Las Vegas

There was a great variety of considerable, annoying and even ridiculous robberies in the history of development of gambling industry. Many of them are remembered and often bandied about. A very well- known case of a robbery occurred in Las Vegas in 1993.

Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis had got acquainted in San Francisco some years before the case happened. They started dating and one happy moment Heather managed to get a good job. The couple moved to Las Vegas. The girl worked as a driver in a collector service and carried money to ATMs of large casinos. Having worked for several months Heather and Roberto developed the cunning plan that had to help them to become enriched.

Once Heather got money and left for the destination but didn’t get to a casino. Roberto joined the woman on her way. Heather quickly turned into an old lady and Robert into a doctor. In such looks they took away three million dollars, forsook the car and left the country being unnoticed.

The administration of the casino which had owned money didn't notice a loss. The matter is that such sum of money was so insignificant that remained unaccounted for the gambling institution. In 12 years after that incident Heather returned to America again and told how she had disposed of three million dollars. Roberto wasn't found even after long searches, they had broken up with the girl and nothing connected them.

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