Bets on sport didn't help to grow rich

Bets on sport didn't help to grow rich

The largest world casinos have been offering bookmaker services for many years. It has been possible to bet on different kinds of sport here. Some special skills are not necessary for such gambling. Being keen on sport or just a lucky person is enough.

American Brian Molony became the famous player of sport bets at the end of the 20th century. He was fond of bookmaker games and spent 18 months in that industry. He managed to lose more than 10 million dollars during such short period of time.

Once, in 1982 when Brian was a common American banker he decided to make the first bet on sport. Molony betted 5 thousand dollars on 40 different football matches of the leading student's league teams to win something for sure. Despite such shrewdness, the young banker lost all his money. He didn't give up and betted again 500 thousand dollars on games of «Super Bowl» series. He managed to win and that victory brought Molony self-confidence.

Brian Molony stole about 10 million dollars from «Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce» where he had been working to continue playing. He was concealing his financial frauds and made the bets the majority of which lost. As a result he lost everything up to the last penny for one and a half year and then neglected his venturesome hobby.

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