Digital superstitions are well-known for all regular visitors of a casino

Digital superstitions are well-known for all regular visitors of a casino

It is interesting to note that a lot of superstitions and signs are traditionally connected with gambling houses. Nowadays it is easy to find even books dedicated to this theme. During all eras of a casino existence the stuff of such institutions has been trying to take into consideration both visitors religiousness, and their attitudes towards superstitions.

All casinos of China avoid figure "4". There are neither fourth game tables, nor figure "4" on a roulette. Actually, Chinese never use number four, for example, the fourth floor of the building is marked as "3a", and fourth houses simply don't exist. It is connected with the fact that in Chinese language the word "four" sounds as "die". Therefore the players from China try to bypass number 4 in a game process the tenth expensive in all world countries.

European and practically all American casinos avoid "666". This devilish combination brings misfortune and losses in all gambling houses according to the strict belief of Old World representatives. But the combination "777" which usually decorates the doors of many casinos is worthy of great respect.

However the most fascinating story that is connected with a digital combination of gambling, occurred in the small European state of Monaco. The psalms with numeration to 36 were never sounded in local churches. Such ban was introduced as soon as the residents of the county who had been involved into gambling houses started to leave a church service having heard "36" in order to make a bet.

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