Indians didn’t share out a casino in the State of California

Indians didn’t share out a casino in the State of California

American «The ChukChansi Gold Resort and Casino» located in California, was closed according to a judgment of the district court because of numerous disputes regarding that establishment. The main reason for that were regular armed clashes of Indians who wanted to control the casino.

The casino has been working in one of official State reservations so legal bans on gamblings existing in California are not spread there. Therefore, local residents of Indian tribes have opened the gambling institution and can't decide now whom does it belong to. Representatives of two families fight for the right to own the gambling house. Each family uses all available weapons to prove its superiority.

The quarrels with six shooters and tomahawks have already become so dangerous that local authorities decided to interfere in the conflict. Reggie Lewis and Tekh McDonald's clans are known to be disputing parties. Redskins are really dead against their rivals that sometimes they even don't even think that their internecine showdowns can lead to many victims. Unfortunately, the police can't arrest Indians on their own territory according to reservation laws. Therefore, the only right decision to close the casino and exclude the cause of the dispute was made in such difficult situation.

Nowadays the representatives of the National Indian Gaming Commission try to solve the problem. But as long as the issue remains open the representatives of tribes can't approach each other.

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