American roulette

History American roulette

There are many cases in the history of gamblings when Americans borrow the European game traditions and create their own games based on them which in a result become even more popular and prosperous. American roulette is right such an example. Actually, it is a «local» changed a bit variant of classic European roulette.

The tradition of playing the roulette was brought to the USA by the French colonists, that is actually not surprising, as the roulette itself was created directly in France. There are data that in the middle of the 18th century the roulette "Ferris wheel", was noted in Quebec – the city which was founded by the French colonists in North America, now Canada. However, the game was banned soon. Then, approximately in the beginning of XIX century it spread to New Orleans.

But those restrictions didn’t scare roulette fans and in the 1800s in the south of the United States the game has already become very popular. It was exactly a real American roulette (with two Zero sectors) you can play nowadays in American casinos. An «ancestress» of topical game had one more interesting and essential difference. Besides 0 and 00 sectors- standard pockets with well-known 1-38 numbers, there was a special sector decorated with eagle image. That American symbol of freedom meant that people played exactly the roulette and of course its aim was to increase the odds of local casinos. However, that sector existed not for a long time and nowadays you will hardly find the roulette with eagle in any casino.

Over time, a fashionable hobby spread to the northern states. However, American variant of the game didn’t become «the king of US casino gamblings»as it is called in Europe. Nowadays card games like blackjack are much more popular in American casinos while the roulette remains just an unusual touristic entertainment. For example, casinos, which are located in Indian reservations, have no roulettes at all. But American roulette has become a widespread game of online casinos.

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