American roulette

Rules American roulette

1. The wheel of American roulette is divided into sectors (or slots). There are 38 slots and each one has its own number. It has the numbering that supposes a particular nominal and parity while placing numbers. The sectors are painted in red and black one by one while zero sectors differ in green color.

2. A dealer starts the game spinning the roulette wheel with a ball and offering players to make bets. All the bets should be made for 3 spins. The rest ones made after that are invalid.

3. Each time the ball is started from the previous number. In a case when the ball is started from another sector, the spin is considered to be invalid; therefore the dealer starts it again.

4. There are eleven basic types of betting. A bet on five numbers (0;00;1;2;3) is among inside bets. As for the winning probability it is almost the same as in European roulette and depends on betting kinds.

5. There are inside bets (made on field pockets) and outside ones (made on special places on the sides). The sum of winning depends on the bet. The lower probability of winning is the huger sum of money you can win. Though, there are no call bets.

6. The main aim of the game is similar to European roulette- the player should guess what pocket the ball will land on. Some American casinos have «La Partage» rule. The matter is that players who have made bets of 50/50 odds (low/high, red/black etc.) are given back a half of made bets if zero sectors land on.

7. This variant of game has strict rules concerning the announcement of bets. Thus, bets can be made as soon as the dealer allows. They are accepted till the dealer announces the end of betting.

8. According to the game rules the casino has odds of 5.26 percent against the player. It is the highest index among all roulette types that is connected with the existence of double zero on the wheel. Casinos offer additional benefits decreasing casino odds by means of increasing players’ chances in order not to allow them chose other kinds of roulette.

9. «The rule of chances». You can often find this rule playing American roulette. When zero or double zero lands all bets lose while bets on «chances» (even-odd, red-black) are frozen. Thus, all of them remain on the field and participate in the next draw. Due to such rule American roulette is more profitable than European one. However, when the bet on «chances» wins on the second try it is given back to its owner without doubling.

10. «The rule of full bets». The bet is considered to be full if it is made only on a separate number. In a case of win it is multiplied by 36. This rule is opposite to the rule of chances. When zero lands each bet on «chances» loses and all full bets are returned to their owners. Sometimes a half of the bet can be given back. Though it happens that full bets are not given back, but frozen to take part in the next draw.

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