Rules Slots

1. The first rule of the game is to invest money into a slot.

2. A player choses a betting sum on the screen, the number of playable lines and presses Play. Some slot machines have a lever instead of the button that starts drums. A random combination of numbers, symbols or figures is reflected on the screen as soon as drums stop. If this combination is a winning one the prize appears in the Win sector. Then the player decides whether to finish the game and get the prize or try to increase it pressing Gamble button.

3. Jackpots, bonuses and payments are often found on slots. The variety of winning combinations of great therefore it is difficult to consider each one. There is a generalized list of versions’ rules.

4. Payments for a line are made when the number of similar symbols provided by a particular slot come together on game lines.

5. As for bonus symbols, they mean a bonus game, including free spins, jokers, various prizes, etc.

6. Payments for scattered symbols are made when two or more symbols are reflected on any part of the screen. In this case the winning sum is calculated by multiplying the total bet by a particular payout ratio.

7. An accumulative bonus exists not on all the slots. However, if such a function is provided the player automatically gets bonuses until he wins a certain sum. Then credits are charged into his account or the bonus game starts.

8. The biggest payment is called Jackpot. There are two types of jackpots: a progressive jackpot or a fixed one. In the first case the jackpot increases by a certain sum with each subsequent bet. In the second one the payment is carried out with a determined sum for certain combinations.

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