History Bones

Bones appeared not centuries but a millennium ago in ancient Egypt in the twentieth century B.C. and were used for the very first gamblings. Of course modern bones significantly differ from «ancestors» as modern craps contains dozens of rather difficult rules.

As far as the game is as old as the hills there are lots of versions concerning its history. According to one version modern craps appeared rather recently (in comparison to dice that appeared thousands years ago) in the nineteenth century. New Orleans blacks are considered to have invented craps. As for the game rules, they were thought up by John Winn in 1907.

There is also opinion that craps history is quit longer. It says that ancient dice game was ancestor of the modern game and rules were soon improved by French players. A famous gambler and rich politician Bernard de Mandeville brought craps to New Orleans. Though the rules were imperfect then player easily beat a casino. Over tine John Winn improved rules and offered the topical nowadays rule of «fail line». Actually, such set of rules works in the majority of modern gambling houses (including online casinos).

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