Rules Bones

1. Actually, the game itself is a table where bets should be made. 2 simple game dice is rolled out. The main purpose is to get a winning combination on one of game stages. Obviously, the sum from two (2x1) to twelve( 2 x 6) can rolls out and the probability of all number rolls is not equal.

2. The game is divided into rounds and their duration and quantity can differ depending on dice roll results. Such game division is important for a player as particular bets can be made till the first roll (come out roll); the rest are made after the first roll and some of them even at any moment. As soon as all the bets are made the first round begins.

3. If the sum of two, three, seven, eleven or twelve rolls the first the round immediately ends. Thus, losing bets are lost and winning ones are paid. Then the next round starts and appears to the first again.

4. If the sum of four, five, six, eight, nine or ten rolls out the first (these numbers are called points) a special button with "ON" sign is placed on the field. It means the point is defined and the round goes on. After each come out roll estimates with losers and winners are made while dice is still rolled until the point seven rolls out and the round ends. Then the button is switched to OFF.

5. The rule of bets increase: works for bets made on Don’t Pass Bar , Don’t Come Bar and Come fields. The player can make an additional bet that increases the original one maximum in three times. The main difference of additional bets is that they can be made any time and provide an opportunity to change them or even delete during the game.

6. The rule of dice transition: all players roll the dice one by one from the major player to the one sitting on the left after the next loss.

7. The rule of prize calculation: the prize is calculated not after each round but after every roll come out. Thus, a dealer collects loosing bets after each roll.

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