History Craps

There is a version that craps appeared during the reign of Roman Empire. The matter is that Roman legion soldiers used to make molds of pig joints in the form of cubes and then played shooting dice onto shields. An expression «to shoot dice» is said to have such an origin.

Anyway, dice was on of ancient games well known in Pome and ancient Egypt. The first data of craps goes back to 1120. The game was rather popular among English knights conquering territories. Knights often brightened up their loneliness with dice called hazard (or asart). Soon the game spread to America, was changed a bit and got the name of «craps». At the beginning of the twentieth century a modern and the last game version appeared in USA.

As for the name craps, it firstly appeared in 17-18 centuries. That kind of gambling spread then across Europe. However, the exact origin of the word is unknown. There is an opinion that a losing combination containing figures similar to crab eyes (from French Crab) was called so.

By the 30s of the twentieth century "Craps" was played almost in all American casinos where the game became extremely popular. The game was also popular among the soldiers of World War II-they often played dice to look aside from scaring fights. In 90s craps lost its popularity for a while. But nowadays more and more online casinos offer this game. Actually, it doesn't concede to a real game as it also contains excitement and tension. You can bet on one or few rates waiting for the next dice shooting.

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