Rules Craps

1. 2 dice is rolled onto the table. The aim of players is to guess the number that will land after the roll come out.

2. You should click the particular chip in the lower right table corner to make a bet. The face value is reflected on the right side. Then you should click the field space where the bet should be made.

3. You should select the chip with "X" face value and click the field space from which the bet should be removed to delete it.

4. The first roll is called come out roll in the first round. As for common casinos you can roll dice only with one hand. Moreover, the dice should definitely hit the edge at the other side of the table. In a way the dice is out the table the casino employee checks it and introducers a new set.

5. When two, three, seven, eleven or twelve rolls out the round ends. When four, five, six, eight, nine or ten rolls out a "puck" button is set to ON. It means the point is selected. The button itself is placed on an empty place above the point.

6. Then the point is rolled again until the point or seven lands. Soon the button returns to its original position and is set to OFF.

7. As a rule, you can look at maximum and minimum game bets clicking on appropriate bets on the field.

8. There can be only one shooter (rolling the dice) in each round. When he loses the player sitting on the right has a right to roll the dice.

9. Don’t Pass Line Odds, Pass Line Odds, Don’t Come Odds, Come Odds are considered to be the most profitable bets for players according to casino odds. However, such bets can be made only with already existing Don’t Pass Line, Pass Line, Come, Don’t Come bets. The best craps strategy is to combine such betting types.

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