French Roulette

History French Roulette

France, where Blaise Pascal invented the prototype of present roulette wheel and as a result well-known Blank brothers created rules having added zero sector is considered to be the homeland of modern roulette.

The history of French roulette goes back to seventeenth century when French mathematician tried to invent a perpetual motion, but absolutely incidentally managed to create a prototype of the roulette wheel we use nowadays. However, the usage of the invention was found only in few decades – the roulette became a popular gambling in the eighteenth century. Actually, French roulette appeared due to Blank brothers. They added zero sector on the roulette wheel and created a set of rules for the game.

Though Blank brothers were from France they started to popularize the game in Germany. As far as German government banned the roulette as well as the rest gamblings brothers moved to Monte Carlo. Thanks to their efforts the city became one of the largest European gambling capitals and French roulette itself became the game for aristocracy.

Originally, there was a double zero on the French wheel. Soon it became used with either 00 or without it. Nowadays French roulette can be found with one zero as being mistaken some people still believe that European roulette and French one is the same game. In fact, 00 is not a mistake. Double zero in such variety makes the game even piquant.

Almost all online casinos suggest playing French roulette having both free roulette and virtually paid one. You can also play it online or download the game.

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