French Roulette

Rules French Roulette

1. The purpose of the game is similar to European and American roulettes- guess a place the ball will land on. The game is played at the special table with 37 pockets numbered from zero to 36. There are also special sectors for outside bets. The same numbers are reflected on the roulette wheel.

2. When everyone has already betted a croupier starts the ball on the wheel. As soon as the ball lands the payments to those who were lucky to guess the number are made.

3. There are some rules twice decreasing casino odds while betting on equal chances: casino odds in French roulette on for instance red make only 1,35 percent. The first rule is called En Prison. It works for bets made on equal chances (bets on odd/even, red/black, high/low). If players make one of such bets and the ball lands on zero sector they have a right to take back a half of his lost bets or save bets for the next game. When zero lands again in the second game all the bets finally lose.

4. The second rule is called La Partage. It is similar to the previous one and works for various «outside» bets and equal chances. When players bet on odd/even, high/low or red/black and zero lands they lose a half of their bets.

5. French roulette has also the rule of payments. The prize is calculated according to such table:

  •  Sixainne (a bet on 6 numbers) – 5 to 1
  •  Carre (a bet on 4 numbers) – 8 to 1
  •  Transversale (a bet on 3 numbers) – 11 to 1
  •  Cheval (a bet on 2 neighbor sectors) – 17 to 1
  •  En Plein (a bet on 1 number) is paid according to a ratio 36 to 1.
  •  All outside bets on equal chances– 1 to 1
  •  Douzaine/Colonne (outside bets on dozen/column) – 2 to 1.
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