Rules Keno

1. Keno game field has 80 pockets. According to the rules, a player should choose numbers at first and then bet on them. First of all his bet depends on payout ratios that are offered by a particular online casino. For example, the prize can equal 5:1 if the player guesses 5 numbers. However, the prize always varies; therefore you should study the payouts table before the start of the game.

2. According to the classic keno rules you can bet on 10 numbers maximum. Though some casinos are exceptions and you can bet on fifteen or even twenty numbers. However, if the player bets on all possible numbers winning chances don’t increase. When bets are made a lottery machine starts automatically and twenty numbered balls drop out. Then all the matches that are paid according to the special «payouts table» are calculated.

3. Numerous keno variants have Random button. It provides a random number generator with pockets selection. Thus, you should specify the number of pockets that must be selected. Then pockets on the field will be randomly chosen. Such option can be quite useful for players who are not confident in their intuition. If you don’t like computer’s choice you can always cancel it by pushing Clear. Then the whole game field becomes empty again. When you are not satisfied with any specific pocket you can cancel its selection clicking on it.

4. The rules of lots keno variants provide the part in bonus games. They can be started by certain symbols or by a set of characters. They are simple mini games thematically connected with keno. Mostly you can increase your prize or win free games playing bonus games. All bets of free games are paid by a casino.

5. Keno is a game based on random dropping-out of certain numbers. Therefore, you don’t need to develop a special strategy. Mostly your intuition is enough.

6. The most important thing you should always remember is that the place you play keno plays very important role. Different rules work for the game in casino halls and online casinos. However, the basic rules are the same.

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