Video slots

History Video slots

The history of video slots The first slot (slot machine) has created by an American mechanic Charles Fey in 1884. It was a slot machine with three disks which could rotate with different speed and was called «Liberty Bell». It was necessary to collect a winning combination of figures that were rolled on a reel.

The first electric slots appeared in 1963 (Money Honey was the first game) having made slot machines incredibly popular. The first video slots appeared in 1976 in Las Vegas. They were tested in Hilton hotel for the first time. And as for slots providing bonus games, they were presented rather recently in 1996. Reel 'Em became the first video slot.

At first slots provided small prizes-only 10 5-cent coins. Though, slot machines were so astonishing they managed to become extremely popular among saloon and casino visitors. Afterwards, they gained a firm position in the gambling business. Producers surprised players with a great variety of games, sound effects and design.

Such games became one of the most popular modern casino games. As far as gamblings have already integrated into a global network nowadays all world players have an opportunity to gamble at home. The principal of the game is similar to a traditional one: you should roll virtual reels with repeating images. Online slots provide gamblers with a variety of opportunities like convenient interface, graphics, and a set of bonus games.

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