Video slots

Rules Video slots

1. A classic video slot has a field 3 x 5 : 5 reels and 3 lines for each. Actually, there are no reels at all, however the principle is the same-symbols that are often called lines go one by one without stops. Sometimes there are 4 and even 5 lines instead of 3. You can also find 4 or 7 reels.

2. A pay table is to be reflected as soon as you press a Paytable button. Players can set the value of coins (mainly from one cent to ten dollars), chose the amount of game lines and the number of playable coins for one line. Thus, you will have the following bet: the value of the coin * the amount of coins for the line * the number of lines.

3. As for lines, you can find from 9 to 100 ones. By the way, they can be not only straight but also broken. Usually there are no bonus payments for the game up to the last line in video slots. Therefore, it does not matter how many lines you play. However, the more lines you play, the more interesting and regular your prizes are.

4. The game is started mainly with Spin or Play button as well as in a classic slot. Virtual reels roll and stop one by one determining winning symbols and combinations on each line. As a rule combinations are estimated from left to right but there are game variants where characters are estimated from right to left at any place on the line. Minimum 3 symbols in a row on one line are usually paid. The more symbols, the bigger payments are.

5. Modern slots without lines where any similar symbols landed from left to right are becoming more popular.

6. Video slots provide bonus opportunities. The majority of modern video slots have «scatter» and «wild» symbols, bonus characters. Wild symbols replace all the rest characters (except bonus and scatter ones). Sometimes line payments increase after the landing of such symbols. There are also games wild stacked symbols. They can expand filling the whole line.

7. As for scatter symbols, they participate in the game regardless of its location on the screen. Thus, they should not land one by one on a particular line. A single or double bet is paid for 2 scatter symbols. As for 3 and more symbols, they start bonus game or free spins.

8. Free spins are additional free games. Mainly ten-fifteen spins are provided (sometimes you can choose the amount of spins and game multiplier). Such free spins provide prize doubling, additional wild symbols and bonus opportunities.

9. Doubling and autogame can be often found among additional options. Having won the prize you can try to double it. For example, it is necessary to choose correctly images of a game theme or video poker having guessed color/suit of a card. As for autogame, it starts the game without pushing START button. You can also set the number of spins, and some additional options like win and loss after which the game ends and stops while catching free spins or a jackpot. Also the stop occurs when the bonus game where the player's choice is necessary drops out.

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