History Videopoker

In contrast to «advanced» gamblings like roulette, baccarat or blackjack videopoker doesn’t have a long history as computers have become an essential part of everyday life rather recently. Meanwhile this «newcomer» practically doesn't concede in the popularity to other casino games. This interesting game is based on rules of traditional draw poker and is played online on a computerized console.

So videopoker is old good game that is becoming more popular among the fans from year to year. It is known that a prototype of modern videopoker appeared more than hundred years ago together with the first slot where the card faces and soon fruits, monkeys, etc. were reflected on reels. The first slots for videopoker were invented and placed in America in the middle of 1970s. At first the public of Vegas casinos was afraid of a novelty a bit, however in few years videopoker was played by the majority of visitors with great pleasure. An interest beat distrust and even the most risk and desperate guys realized that there was a special excitement to play against the program but not real people.

Sittman and Pete became the inventors of the first videopoker slot. They presented their creation in the 80s of the nineteenth century in Brooklyn. That slot had 5 reels with card faces. The reel was started with the help of a lever. After the reel’s stop each player estimated his combination and won prizes. Such videopoker is considered to be the great grandfather of modern slot machines.

By early 1990s videopoker has become more popular than a usual poker. As for online casinos, videopoker has become one of the first games there. Since then online videopoker has greatly changed and continue developing. First of all a design, graphics and new versions of the popular game are being improved.

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