Rules Videopoker

1. This slot is similar to a usual casino one. A table of the winning combinations and appropriate payments is reflected above. The screen that shows cards is placed in the center. Besides, there are status indicators (the current sum, the sum of the last prize and a current bet) under the screen. At first, a player makes a bet and gets a hand of 5 cards (a usual deck of 54, 53 or 52 cards depending on jokers is used for the game).

2. As far as cards are dealt the player should decide whether to fold or check. Then at players’ command the slot changes selected cards. When a winning combination is formed after the cards change the player gets his prize to the account appropriate to the betting sum and collected combination.

3. Having collected the winning combination the player decides whether to take all the money or risk in hope to double the prize. If the player risks five cards including turn appear on the screen. Then he has to choose which of the rest 4 cards is to be opened. The prize is doubled if he guesses, otherwise the player loses. If card values are similar the prize remains the same.

4. There is one more game variant of a winning doubling. You can guess the cards color. You can play on doubling only few times. Any particular slot has its own rules. For example, you can quadruple the prize or play on doubling a part of the prize.

5. Actually, the basic rules of the game are similar to the rules of traditional draw poker (the only exception is the absence of bets on slots). Some video poker slots have their specific rules. Let’s consider the most popular variations. In Jacks or Better variant a pair of jacks is the weakest winning combination. And as for Tens or Better game a pair of tens is a starting winning combination.

6. The specificity of Deuces Wild video poker is that 2s that can replace any necessary card while forming the winning combination play the role of Wild cards (or jokers).

7. A pack of 54 cards (including 2 jokers which can replace any necessary card) is used in Joker Poker

8. In Aces and Faces variants the gambler gets a solid payment for the combination of 4 aces, kings, queens or jacks.

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