Scientists claim that the deck of cards has a metaphysical value: 52 cards mean 52 weeks of year, 4 colors are seasons, and 13 cards of one suit – 13 phases of a lunar cycle.
A chip size is always the same – 39 mm in diameter.
20 out of 44 US presidents played poker.
A professional poker player, Paul Tsimbler, in 2009, was playing for about 74 hours and 20 minutes with 183 volunteer players, most of whom were also professionals.
The first mention of poker dates from 16th century.
The probability of a Royal Flush is 0.0002%.
Thomas Austin Amarillo Slim Preston
It never hurts for potential opponents to think you’re more than a little stupid.
Phil Hellmuth
If luck weren't involved, I'd win every time.
Doyle Brunson
... How lucky I am. I’ve been hearing that for a lot of years.
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