A hand with cards J7 was named "Jack Daniels" after whiskey with the same name.
In poker, a term "nuts" means the best hand in a given situation.
The name of a poker card game derived from the following words: the French «Poque», the German «Pochen» and the English «Brag».
A professional poker player, Paul Tsimbler, in 2009, was playing for about 74 hours and 20 minutes with 183 volunteer players, most of whom were also professionals.
J. Moss is the only WSOP winner, who has not won any event of the tournament.
Phil Ivey is considered to be the richest and most successful poker player today. His fortune is estimated at approximately $25 million.
Chris Moneymaker
The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play.
Doyle Brunson
Try to decide how good your hand is at a given moment. Nothing else matters. Nothing.
Andrei Streltsov
Many years ago it was enough just to play strong hands and don’t bluff against people who never fold. Though now you should be aware of particular hands on lines and the usage of possible deviations. Who knows more, wins more. Since last year, I have been considering the questions of optimal strategies construction and feel like discovering the game again and again.
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