The world record of a poker game was 90 hours. An Irishman, Phil Laak, entered the Guinness Book of Records.
Scientists claim that the deck of cards has a metaphysical value: 52 cards mean 52 weeks of year, 4 colors are seasons, and 13 cards of one suit – 13 phases of a lunar cycle.
The maximum win in poker history is 9,152,416 dollars. The owner became Peter Eastgate, a Danish player, in 2008.
There are more than 130 varieties of poker.
Phil Ivey is considered to be the richest and most successful poker player today. His fortune is estimated at approximately $25 million.
Poker is the most popular card game in the world.
Dan Harrington
Oh well, you have cards.
Gustav Hansen
Your opponent should guess-that’s a key to success. You will hardly reach it claiming «check».
Phil Hellmuth
I’m just in patient mode, just waiting for you guys to give me money.
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