Dan Harrington
Everyone can break a huge pot having a couple of aces or having caught a flop set. A good player loses less money with risk hands of border guard force and over a long period of time it becomes his advantage.

Achievements Dan Harrington

Dan Harrington’s professional achievements allow characterizing him as one of the best players of our time. The original style of play combined with the immense talent of this man allowed him to reach some success in poker:

  • the second place in Knights of the Round Table tournament in 1987;
  • two gold bracelets of the World Series of Poker in 1995;
  • victory in Four Queens Poker Classic tournament in 1995 (the prize fund was $212,000);
  • victory in Global Championship Cup tournament with a prize fund of $27,000 in 2000;
  • victory in Poker Royale-Battle of the Ages tournament in 2005;
  • victory in the World Poker Tour tournament in 2007;
  • the total winnings are about $7 million.
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