«Big Slick» Pop Up
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«Big Slick» Pop Up

The main goal for developers of these Pop Ups was to maximize the quality of information retrieval and the speed of decision-making.
In this Pop Ups are the stats that divide the opponent's 4-bet into premium hands and AA, which allows you to quickly estimate how much value is hidden in the range of a 4-betting opponent. All Pop Ups are built on this principle. Now you do not need for 30 seconds, allotted to make a decision, turn over, open and close the mass of Pop Up to build a game plan. Often you will need to open only two Pop Up: preflop (3bet, vs 3bet, steal or rfi) and postflop.
If you want to play post-flop, just open Pop Up cbet and get full information about the post-flop opponent's game as an aggressor in all the streets and all situations with a division into simple and 3-bet banks. Also in Pop Up Aggression there are free stats from NoteCaddy, allowing to understand the manner of playing an opponent with sets, flush draws and a straight draw.
In each Pop Ape the opponent's nickname is indicated, because often players leave the table and get new ones, and Hold'em Manager 2 can not immediately notice it and changes the HUD only in the next hand. It may happen that you will play against the opponent, guided not by his stats.
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