Blind poker player surprised the whole world

Blind poker player surprised the whole world

It is thought that only sighted people can play poker. Indeed, this game is not adapted for visually impaired people who can see the surrounding world through the sense of touch. But quite an amazing story happened once.

The blind player Hal Lubarsky challenged to the team of PokerStars professionals that caused a considerable surprise of gamers. Lubarsky had lost his sight in a result of a complex genetic disease but therefore he managed to learn how to play it well. Then the blind player thought that lack of opportunity to see the outward things had not to become the cause of poker renouncement.

Hal Lubarsky played with the assistant, who was actually his eyes. Firstly, that person was just whispering to the player what cards were in his hands. But soon he could learn how to estimate the mood, gestures and mimicry of the opponents and told this information to Lubarsky greatly simplifying his game.

When the blind player decided to take part in the games of the World Poker Series he collided the rejection from the tournament organizers. They declared that according to the rules of the championship the player shouldn't be assisted by anyone, therefore they can't let Hal's assistant to participate in the tournament. It didn’t make him upset. The player together with a lawyer sued to change the rules for disabled people. WSOP organizers had to make adjustments so Hal Lubarsky won one of championship prizes, and could also become a part of the professional FullTilt team. The experts recognized this person one of the best players of last century.

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