Jose Macedo couldn't equal the hopes

Jose Macedo couldn't equal the hopes

The world poker industry survived lots of scandal stories the heroes of which were most different players and game situations. A very remarkable case happened in 2011 toJose Macedo. This young Portuguese was famous with Girah nickname.

The player often participated in online discussions of game strategies giving recommendations for hands-up games. The high level of Macedo's game surprised the poker professionals and they started to trust the guy soon. In a month, after an active internet life, Jose had created his own video-conference, where he held hands and live session’s discussions regularly. It was widely popular among the fans of gamblings.

Jose Macedo suggested all his clients to observe his actions by Skype to provide a maximum honest work. Practically in each round of such consultations the player with Sauron1989 nickname appeared in a session. Macedo assured everyone that Sauron was a lagging player, an agro fish. Jose constantly lost to Sauron and it caused a set of suspicions among the audience of live conference. Most likely, he simply saw the cards of rivals, and "merged" information to necessary hands. Soon the deception was revealed and dummy was detected. Macedo apologized and promised to return all the money.

Daniel Cates who together with Hasib Kareshi sponsored Jose have also become scandalous figures. After a while, those famous players claimed they did not know about that fraud of Jose, so were not involved in such a regrettable situation.

In a completion of his "trainer's" career Jose "Girah" Macedo lost the profitable contract with the Lock Poker Company. Soon it turned out that the Portuguese man really returned all the money to the deceived people.

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