Swindlers attack PokerStars

Swindlers attack PokerStars

Despite numerous employee's efforts of the largest PokerStars operator it is not always possible to provide the total reliable secure from swindlers. A lot of attention is traditionally paid to this question but sometimes the recourse is still attacked by external onsets.

In early 2010 the message that three accounts on PokerStars had surprisingly similar game statistics was reported on TwoPlusTwo forum. PokerTableRatings paid attention to it and started exploring the statement. Soon the network with 10 bots was detected. The game indicators of those computer elements practically didn't differ from each other. The detailed research showed that all the bots actions in each particular situation were scripted, therefore were always similar.

Having learned about such a case, the administration of PokerStars in the shortest term have frozen unfair accounts. All their earnings were equally parted and returned to the gamers who had played at one table with bots. However that sum was smaller than it had been pointed before, so perhaps the amount of bots was rather bigger.

The further researches of similar networks including MicroGaming, showed that many resources had the same problems. Today the greatest world experts of gambling try to solve this disadvantage.

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