Trash victory of Doyle Brunson

"Trash" victory of Doyle Brunson

The poker player Doyle Brunson deserved respect from the colleagues due to a number of facts confirming the high level of his professionalism. He managed to win the final events of World Piker Series for 2 times – in 1976 and in 1977. Thus the analysis of his game doesn't allow detecting neither frauds, nor fraudulent methodsin gaining a victory. A few people managed to win such important tournament not just twice but two years in a row.

However the most interesting fact is that both times the victory came to Brunson with the same combination of cards – 10 and 2. Nowadays such hand is called "Doyle Brunson" or "Brunson's Hand".

It is important to notethat such small cards in the rarest cases give an opportunity to get the victory. It is really very difficult. Before the stunning Brunson's victories such combination, as well as combinations of other small cards was called "rags" or "trash".  But Doyle managed to dispel that myth and get the most prestigious poker title even with such hand.

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