Omaha H

History Omaha H

The first five-card Omaha, called "Double Three", appeared in the early seventies of the last century in Detroit. The game began its wide expansion in major cities of the north-east and north-west of the United States, particularly New York and Chicago. Having acquired wide popularity, the game still had a drawback, as no more than eight people could play at the table. Therefore, over time, a five-card version transformed into afour-card, and that was the birth of modern Omaha Hi.

The game obtained its real name not in the capital of Nebraska, but in Nevada. The thing is that it was common to play Hold'em in two forms in Nevada: a classic Texas Hold'em, where it can be used all the pocket and community cards for hands drawing, and the second, a little-known, form – Omaha, in which it was obligatory to use a pair of pocket cards for combination. When in 1982 a new four-card poker appeared in Las Vegas, it was named Omaha in order to emphasize obligated use for hands drawing of two pocket cards.

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