History Razz

Razz appeared almost simultaneously with Stud – in the middle of the 19th century during the Civil War in the United States among the soldiers of the army of the Confederate States of America. At first, in soldiers’ environment of "southerners" it was established a classical version of Stud. Any other forms of poker were not accepted. The attempts to play the game not by the generally accepted rules, in particular, by the rules of weak hands victory, were cruelly mocked by the fans of classical Stud. But, after all, the admirers of a low-version Stud were found. As a result, an unusual form of poker was named "Razz", which is translated from the American colloquial, meaning "make fun, tease". Razz is one of few types of poker, which managed to conquer Europe. The game acquired its particular popularity in the UK, where, after some rules transformation, it got the name "London lowball".

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