Rules Stud

1. Before the cards are dealt, each player at the table makes a forced bet to the pot, which is called "ante", the size of which is determined either by agreement or the rules of the game table.

2. At the beginning of dealing each player gets two cards face down, called "hole cards", and one open card. The latter is called "door card."

3. The player, who got the weakest door card, starts the first betting round, called the "third street", making "bring-in" – a starting bet that have to be twice bigger than ante. If two or more players have the same door cards, the weakest suit is determined. The hierarchy of the suits from major to minor is as follows ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣. After the bring-in, the action is continued clockwise by other players. All the players at the table have the following options: call –to call the previous player’s bet, raise – to increase the bet, check – to miss out the lead, that is, to refuse from the new increase of the previous bet, or fold – to refuse from the further action in the dealt by fold. The betting round is considered to be closed, when all the players, except those, who pass, equalize the last betting increase.

4. The next betting round, the "Fourth Street", begins with the getting another open card by each remaining player in the dealt. In this and the next rounds the action is started by the player, who has the strongest open cards combination. In the case, when a few players at the table have the same strong combinations, the action is started by the player, who is the closest to the left of the dealer.

5. At the beginning of the next two betting rounds, the "Fifth and Sixth streets", the players will also receive the open card. The action is started as well as on the fourth street, by the player with the strongest combination of the door combination. On the fifth street, the bets are usually doubled and kept the same in the next betting rounds.

6. The end of the action on the sixth street leads to the seventh card face down for each remaining player. The action round is started, called the "seventh street" or "river". This is the final round of the action in Stud. It happens that there are not enough cards in the deck to give one to all the remaining players on the seventh street. In this case, one more community card is opened that is used by all the players to compose their combinations.

7. At the end of the action on the river there comes the showdown by the players. The pot is won by the player with the best combination of five cards. If two or more players have the same hands, it leads to a draw, and the pot is divided between the players.

8. There could be the stated below situations during the process of Stud:

• if the player, having the minor cardon the third street, and there is all-in with ante, and has no way to make bring-in, the bring-in is made clockwise by the following player, regardless of his open cards;

• if one of the players gets a pair of the door cards on the fourth street, then he can make the bet or raise bigger the size of the bet (for example, $4 in the game $2/$4), after which all other bets of the action round on the fourth street will also be made with the big bet.

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