Texas Holdem

History Texas Holdem

There is some evidence that the first card game with similar rules appeared in a Texas town, Robstown, in 1900. According to Texas beliefs, the most legendary US state, cowboys and miners were fascinated by the game, which was characterized by a great passion and strive for wealth and fame. As time has gone on, Hold'em gets and wins all the saloons of Austin, the largest city of the state. From Austin, Texas Hold'em spreads rapidly over other states. The Second World War smashed Texas poker around the world, as the American soldiers were very fond of the game. The first tournament on Texas Hold'em was held in Las Vegas in 1967, with the participation of famous Amarillo Slim, Krendl Addington and Doyle Brunson. Since the beginning of the 70-s of XX century, Hold'em tournaments has become permanent and international.

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