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There are more than 130 varieties of poker.
After 15 minutes of a continuous game, there is a deck of cards change in a casino.
"Dead Man's Hand» is a card combination AA88, which received its name after "Wild Bill" Hickok was shot, holding these cards in his hands. The meaning of the fifth card is unknown.
Poker is the most popular card game in the world.
Phil Ivey
You get your chips your way, I'll get my chips mine.
Thomas Austin Amarillo Slim Preston
There have been some good books written on poker, but most of them have been by college professors, or by people who have run something through computers. I had to learn to use my eyes and my ears, and neighbor, I can see a gnat's ass at a hundred yards and hear a mouse wet on cotton.
Walter Pearson
Losing is like smoking. It's habit.
Craps is a popular casino dice game.
The biggest win in the casino was $39,713,982.
It is commonly believed that China is the place of gambling origin.
Einstein claimed that he had found an easy way to win at roulette. According to him, it is necessary to wait. When the croupier distracts, take all the chips away.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
Make money where money is!
Sheldon Gary Adelson
I felt rich having stopped worrying about the balance of my checkbook.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
The wealth really changed my life only once when I got an opportunity to do charity.
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