Casino chips have beveled edges. This feature is provided in order the croupier could collect the chips.
In the XI century, in China, domino was played with the help of cards. They were made of thick paper that resembled cardboard. That way domino became a factor of card games development in the country.
The most popular form of a modern gambling is a lottery. According to statistics, more than half the world's population buys lottery tickets regularly.
The world's largest casino is located in the US state of Connecticut. The casino is called "Foxwoods Resort".
Now Las Vegas receives about 36.7 million tourists and players a year. These people spend about 62 billion dollars on accommodation, food and entertainment.
Every Las Vegas visitor spends on gambling $485 per trip.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
The wealth really changed my life only once when I got an opportunity to do charity.
Sheldon Gary Adelson
Make money where money is!
Howard Robard Hughes
Every man has his price, or a guy like me couldn't exist.
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