Charles Fey

Biography Charles Fey

August Fey, who later added one more name - Charles, was born on February 2, 1862 in the German Bavaria. He was the sixteenth child of a poor family. Since childhood Fey knew what poverty and hunger were and dreamed to escape them by all means in the future. His father was a rural teacher and as for Charles, he was always interested in the technique.

At the age of 15 Fey left home to avoid military service. Doctors diagnosed "tuberculosis" to sick Fey and made a very disappointing forecast concerning the length of his life. But the guy left for France and in spite of all difficulties found work at a large enterprise. Physical work and healthy diet cured Charles. By 23 years Charles Fey saved enough money on his personal account. Then he decided to visit the United States because he had always been attracted to that country. At first Fey went to his uncle from New Jersey and then stopped in San Francisco. In that city the hero got a job at «Electric Works Company» where he found out about vending machines for the first time. They became the prototypes of the first slots.

In 1888 Charles Fey together with his friend opened their own company. It specialized in the production of electrical equipment and telephones, and pretended for the title of the best company in such industry. The talented designer Fey managed to create a great team and constantly improved the production reaching incredible results.

In 1895 Fey presented to the world the first slot machine called "Liberty Bell". It was simple and easy to use and also cheap in production. The slot machine became incredibly popular, and its sales increased to fabulous indicators only for a few months. Even despite the fact that a ban on slots worked rather long in the USA its production prospered.

Many people tried to copy the "Liberty Bell" in order not to pay Fey. However, none managed to create the same functional machine until Charles opened the secret of its production.

Charles Fey was married and had three children. Charles Fey died on November 10, 1944 at the age of 82.

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