Charles Wells

Biography Charles Wells

Charles Wells was born in England in 1841. Since childhood the child dreamed of glory and wealth, however he didn't want to work hard to reach them. Therefore, all his life Charles looked for ways to earn easy money, and found out about roulette. In youth, Wells started to collect money for the roulette, and thought up a clever way to cheat rich people. He pretended a talented inventor, received money for his inventions and then simply vanished from the sight of his lenders. Those sums became his first bankrolls.

At the end of the 19th century, a casino owner François Blanc decided to introduce a rule according to which all chips participating in the roulette would be divided between several most successful players. This news surprised the world of gamblings and attracted attention of Charles Wells. In June 1891, he came to the casino with few thousand dollars. That day he was very lucky and managed to break the bank having won all the chips 11 times in a row. As a result, one million francs were replenished to Wells's personal account.

The second successful game of Charles was held in November 1891. He won one million francs one more time. Casino staff were very attentive, but did not notice any tricks in his game. The player betted on number «5» for five times and all games appeared incredibly successful.

He spent his prize rather quickly. There was no third successful game in his career any more. At the end of life Wells was convicted of fraud. In 1892, he became the hero of a song and in 1923 a feature film about his destiny was shot.

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