Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

Biography Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo was born on May 25, 1947 in Spain. Even in youth he had a talent for gamblings and necessity of risk. He got mathematical education but worked as a sound producer and director. It is impossible to call him too successful musician, however Garcia Pelayo achieved a certain success in that sphere.

At the beginning of the 90s of last century the hero decided to create his own game strategy. Having sufficient knowledge in the exact sciences he was sure that it was possible to develop such strategy which would be winning in the majority of games. Several years of life Gonzalo spent on studying roulette peculiarities. He managed to calculate that during early years of game experiments casino advantage made 15 percent. Afterwards that number increased. Jagger's development which Gonzalo considerably improved became the basis of his theory.

Gonzalo's five children who were adults by that time helped him to make experiments in casinos. Few weeks spent Garcia Pelayos in one casino. However, they didn’t play. Each of them had to remember or write down the numbers which regularly dropped out at every table. Then Gonzalo collected all the data in his computer. As a result, he developed his own game strategy which helped him to win large sums lots of times. Since 1991 Gonzalo started gambling. He became the habitue of one Madrid casino and always left it with profit. A total prize of Garcia Pelayo made 1, 5 million dollars.

In 1995 Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo received a casino claim that accused him of fraud. However, the player believed he gambled honestly. The litigation lasted about 10 years and only in 2004 Gonzalo was acquitted of all charges - he had been winning absolutely legally.

Nowadays Garcia Pelayo dynasty is well known in the world of gamblings. His children and grandchildren often spend their free time in casinos and the family strategy still helps them to win.

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