Dominic LoRiggio

Biography Dominic LoRiggio

It is impossible to find true facts of Dominic LoRiggio's biography. He has become so famous in the world of gamblings that the details of his personal life just faded. It is known that he was born in the middle of the 20th century in the USA where he studied and worked as an office clerk several years. But then LoRiggio decided to change his life greatly and payed his attention to craps. Once a biographic movie about Dominic's life on one cable American TV channel was shot, but it also contained a few information about him as the authors of the film dedicated all the time to LoRiggio's game talent.

Having learned the rules of the game in student's years Dominique LoRiggio decided that there had to be a system that would regularly allow dropping out necessary combinations. Then LoRiggio trained rolling dice. He changed tactics, hand inclination, force of roll and other parameters, and then studied a dropped-out combination. Gradually, he figured out how to throw dice to achieve the desired result. He developed a so-called combination of controlled shooting and taught his friend Frank Skoblete this technique. Together they went to Las Vegas where wanted to break banks of all casinos.

Having won huge sums in Las Vegas several times LoRiggio got under ban lists of gambling institutions. Despite the fact that he did not cheat casino employees could not decrypt the secret of his success, therefore Dominic was considered a swindler. LoRiggio didn’t want to make out his case and decided to spend that time on gambling in other casinos. Then the hero went on tour to America's largest casino. Only for a few years he managed to become persona non grata in the majority of the North American continent casinos.

Then Dominique LoRiggio started playing other gamblings. He succeeded in blackjack, tried to play poker and even slots. However, the maximum number of prizes he received playing Pai Gow. LoRiggio had to give up playing bones but he didn't leave the world of gamblings.

Nowadays LoRiggio is known as the Dominator, or The Man with the Golden Arm. The hero often appears on television, tells about his theory of controlled shooting in details and is engaged in training in his spare time.

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