The profits of a casino helped to fill Monte Carlo treasury with money

The profits of a casino helped to fill Monte Carlo treasury with money

Nowadays special gambling zones are still an important source of the State budget profits despite of the widespread ban on a casino. However, such way of filling the treasury was known even centuries ago when the first casinos were being opened only in some European countries.

At the end of the 18th century Charles III decided to use money received from casino players in order to form the budget. He was the king of Monaco then. That diminutive state used to live so badly, that the majority of its residents were extremely poor. The king and his courtiers desperately wanted to apply for accession to France, but managed to avoid that fate.

So, the king removed the ban on gamblings in hope to improve the life of the state in such a way. Charles III entrusted Blank brothers to organize a profitable gambling institution, therefore they couldn’t refuse. The first designers of the casino made it really matchless- sumptuous halls full of luxury attracted not only local visitors but also foreigners. Excited with the game guests lost huge sums of money there often leaving the gambling house with nothing.

The idea of Charles III to open the casino appeared to be just incredible. He used the gained income reasonably. The king adjusted transportation and made the cities clean and beautiful. Since then, Monte Carlo casinos have been still popular while the state managed to become prosperous and able to provide the best life conditions for people.

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