How did one of the first German casinos appear

How did one of the first German casinos appear

German pedantry is not always related to the idea of gamblings. However, this first impression is amiss. There are many eminent German gamblers. Besides, a lot of beautiful and graceful gambling institutions which are not worse than popular European casinos are located in Germany.

Up to 1821 the city of Baden-Baden in the south-western part of Germany was absolutely unremarkable. However, the situation changed greatly when the resident of France Jacques Benazet decided to found the best casino in the city. After the end of construction Baden-Baden was awarded with the summer capital of Europe title and still it has been saving this status for many years.

Benazet made a shrewd move to make the establishment immediately popular. He didn’t construct new buildings, but simply set up roulette tables in the places where the representatives of urban elite rested. Therefore, they started to bet more often in their spare time. As a result the author of the idea used received money for halls decoration. The most talented of that time artists and decorators took part in that process.

In a result Baden-Baden became the favorite recreation area for Russian intellectuals and representatives of culture from all over the world. A lot of people visited the city for recovery but as a result spent their vacations at the roulette tables providing the city budget with good money for further development.

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