The birthplace of modern gambling industry

The birthplace of modern gambling industry

Nowadays many countries and e cities try to prove what exactly they were the first in the gambling industry. Despite of lots of facts it is still certainly unknown where the gambling house was opened for the first time. According to one version players could visit the first il Ridotto casino or a Rrivate room in 1638. The institution was located in Venice but it doesn't exist now.

The Renaissance Casinos like il Ridotto differed with original style and design. It was possible to have a good time there. However, only rich people could afford such entertainment.

The matter is that the Venetian casino was situated in a church. Of course, it seemed to be rather strange on the one hand. However, it was clear that a dean made it expressly. He offered gamblers to play in the left aisle. Thus, the dean hoped he would be able to control the work of the casino.

An imposition of impressive minimum bet sum that was available not far for everyone became one more restriction on gamblings. All visitors of that establishment who could cough up visited the casino only wearing a mask and a cocked hat. Such idea became incredibly popular. Over time that gambling house extended and soon occupied 4 halls.

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