Five game days of a year for the Crown Prince

Five game days of a year for the Crown Prince

Practically all residents of highland Nepal confess Judaism. Besides, this country is known to be one of the most «conspiratorial» in the world. There are lots of intrigues that can ruin the state. The ruling family is very afraid of it therefore tries to overcome such a destiny.

The most severe restrictions regard the Crown Prince of Nepal. He has to follow the strictest Judaism bans within 360 days per year in order not to spoil his reputation. In addition, he is not allowed to gamble as the religion considers such activity a forbidden temptation.

However, the rest five days the Prince of Nepal spends in Monte-Carlo. There are no bans for him so he can recuperate himself. The player usually spends huge sums of money there and sometimes even forgets to have a sleep. The Prince becomes so engaged in gamblings that five days seem to pass only for a few minutes. Except the casino, Prince of Nepal visits the best restaurants and shops where he also spends lots of money.

When 5 days are over the Prince returns to his homeland and continues leading his ascetic lifestyle. He is sure he gambles in strictly allotted by the religion time, therefore he doesn’t violate important principles of Islam at all.

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