Smart winning system will help beat the casino

Smart winning system will help beat the casino

Roulette is rather an engineering than a mathematical solution. In poker and a blackjack players try to win due to mathematical methods that are almost impossible in the roulette. However, long experience of this gambling confirms that players have always looked for effective methods to beat the roulette, and sometimes they even managed to do it.

Winning roulette systems are traditionally based on engineering methods that work thanks to the shortcoming of the device. Joseph Jagger was the first engineer trying to find a way to beat the roulette. Together with a group of his colleagues he decided that after a while details of the roulette mechanism will wipe off and then all winning combinations will be similar. By means of observation he noted that the same number really landed at a particular game table. Such conclusions allowed him to win quite a good sum of money. However, the casino administration replaced roulette tables soon and then Jagger’s method stopped working.

In 100 years an engineer Richard Jarecki decided to try luck again. He traveled about different casinos, and having a great experience in engineering looked out for those mechanisms that worked at depreciated details. During that searches he managed to break some huge prizes, however he was detected soon. Then Jarecki had to return to his scientific researches again.

William Walter who dreamed to find a goldmine together with a group of his colleagues also tried to beat the roulette. He was playing the roulette within 3 years winning enormous prizes practically in all world casinos. Then his activity became public domain therefore he had to finish his project. During all the time he managed to win about five million dollars.

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