Why a card game is called blackjack?

Why a card game is called "blackjack"?

It is interesting that a popular nowadays "blackjack" was originally called "twenty one". This name was used for such entertainment in Nevada where the game had been developed. Up to the 30s of the 20th century "21" was favorite gambling among the majority of local residents.

Nevada casino dealers decided to increase bets to attract attention to the game. They believed that the opportunity to win a big prize would be tempting for many players. Then bookmakers started taking bets in the ratio of 10: 1 on blackjack. The combination of peak or club jack and peak ace was called so. It was not very difficult to break the bank therefore players were interested in "21" more.

A few years passed and the game became extremely popular. Not only passionate gambling players but all the people played cards. As far as it became too expensive to pay huge prize money to all blackjack owners the rule was canceled. However, the new name still remained the same and exists nowadays.

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