A well-known prototype of Pushkin's Queen of Spades

A well-known prototype of Pushkin's "Queen of Spades"

Few centuries ago gamblings were incredibly popular in Russia. The representatives of the Russian nobility who spent a lot of time abroad finding out and bringing new card games to Russia made especially great contribution into gamblings. Princess Natalya Petrovna Galitzine managed to succeed in that. She is often called the most venturesome Russian woman. The glory of how masterly she beat her card opponents was spread among all Russian regions.

The matter is that in childhood Galitzine who had Chernysheva surname than used to live at a court of the queen Antoinette in France. There she became engaged in gamblings, learned how to play and found out about several interesting secrets of experienced gamblers. Having come to Russia Natalya Petrovna didn’t leave her hobby. On the contrary, she contributed to the development of gamblings in Russia. He rarely lost that wasn’t typical for the women of that time.

Once, the nephew of Galitzine lost a huge sum. Then she asked his lucky aunt for an advice. She told him how to play the card debt and win some money. Using Galitzine’s advice the nephew managed to catch good lucky. Having heard this amusing story Alexander Pushkin was incredibly surprised. Afterwards those events became the basis of the novel "The Queen of Spades" that is considered the classic of Russian literature.

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