Casino became a source of inspiration for Ian Fleming

Casino became a source of inspiration for Ian Fleming

Creative people are often interested in gamblings as they can easily find an inspiration for novels, movies and other works of art creation there. A series of the most popular novels about the 007 agent James Bond didn't become an exception. The author of this character, an English writer Ian Fleming often visited Portuguese casino "Casino Estoril".

Portugal is one of the few countries in the world that kept almost complete political and military neutrality during the Second World War. Considering this fact the representatives of the intelligence services of many world countries often gathered there to solve various problems from simple contacts to recruitment of new conflict participants. Such missions were carried out in "Casino Estoril" mostly. A classic casino atmosphere- muffled light and confidentiality contributed it.

Ian Fleming who had just started his writing career then often visited that gambling establishment. He was one of the first to get the major information on the most various issues. It was «Casino Estoril» where Ian Fleming felt an atmosphere of professional spies and secret agents. It inspired him for writing books about James Bond in particular, the novel "Casino Royale" which became the most popular.

Unfortunately, Portuguese casinos are not as spectacular and attractive places as Nevada institutions therefore the shooting took place in America. «Casino Estoril» wasn’t honored to act in the legendary Bondiana.

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