A dashing gambler managed to create a wonderful family

A dashing gambler managed to create a wonderful family

Brave and courageous Carlotta Tompkins became a perfect world example of how even a gambling fan can stop in time and create a happy family. Carlotta's father was an experienced gambler who spent all his free time in saloons playing with friends. As soon as the girl had grown she started visiting gambling houses with her father attentively observing everything that happened at a game table. She was not bored at all, though it may seem that card games are not childish hobbies.

However, none could imagine how useful gambling knowledge would appear for Carlotta. Her father perished in the civil war and mother’s health significantly got worsen. Since then family well-being directly depended on Carlotta. And so the girl didn’t become puzzled.

Carlotta took a sonorous alias Lottie Deno and set to conquering gambling houses. She often won earning rather good money. One day she met Johnny Golden who became her faithful companion. They traveled across America together beating everyone they met. But soon they parted ways and the girl went to Texas.

In one of the Texas casinos the owner of the gambling house Frank Turmond noticed Lottie's talent. Later she took a position of the casino dealer and soon won his heart. After some persuasion Turmond agreed with his beloved and sold the casino. So they went on trip across America again. That idea appeared extremely successful because the couple managed to earn really huge money.

In a few years being tired of the adventures, getaways and proceedings with the police, Lottie Deno and Frank Thurmond stopped gambling. The earned money was enough to build a smart house and live happily. Carlotta forever forgot about cards and became a real queen of the hearth, faithful wife and wonderful mother.

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